Incredibly Simple Things You Can Do in FDMEE – Tip 2

Tip 2 – Viewing an Execution Log

In FDMEE, you use data load rules to extract data from a source system (e.g. Oracle EBS or SAP) or to load data from a flat file. When you click any Workflow step (Import, Validate, Export, or Check) in Data Load Workbench, the data load rule associated with the point of view is executed.

Now, suppose you want to see the status of an import? Or you want to view additional details associated with a failure. Where do you look? That’s easy. Just go to the Process Details component of FDMEE.

With the Data Management tab open in Workspace, go to Workflow > Monitor > Process Details. The Process Details grid will appear with an entry for each submitted task. For any task in the grid, click the corresponding Show link to view the log.

FDMEE: View Process Details Log

FDMEE: View Process Details Log








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