FDMEE Has Its Very Own ‘Dummies’ Book

Recently, I was training a new FDMEE administrator at a long-standing client.  We spent most of the day covering every nuance of his company’s application – everything from data load workbench to GL integration with the open interface adapter.  Around 4 o’clock in the afternoon we wrapped up and he said, “Doug, this was great!  I think I’ve got a handle on things.  I’m wondering, is there a some sort of ‘FDMEE for Dummies’ book I can get for reference.”  My response: “Funny you should ask.  There is now.”

Definitive Guide to FDMEEThis past spring, Tony Scalese published the first ever non-Oracle FDMEE Book – The Definitive Guide To Oracle FDMEE.  The book nicely fills the void between Oracle’s FDMEE Administrator’s Guide and Oracle’s FDMEE training course.  Unlike Oracle’s own FDMEE admin guide, this book has some worthwhile anecdotal information to complement the technical detail you’d expect.

If you’re new to the world of FDM, or an experienced FDM Classic administrator looking to get up to speed on FDMEE, The Definitive Guide To Oracle FDMEE offers up lots of useful information.  Check it out.

Note: For you e-book folk, currently the book is only available in paperback.  The publisher says the e-book will be available sometime before the end of the year.


  1. Hi Doug, Thanks in advance for this book. It would help me a lot


  2. I’m a dummy, so I’ll be picking this one up! Thanks to you and Tony!


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