Part 6 – Legacy FDM to FDMEE: Where to Start

FDM MigrationAs you can see from the previous posts in this series, there are some complexities when going from FDM Classic to FDMEE.   If your company ever did a conversion from Hyperion Enterprise (HE) to Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), conceptually, it’s a similar effort.  Both HE and HFM are used for reporting and consolidations but are distinctive tools.

When considering your upgrade project, we recommend engaging a consulting team with the following qualifications:

  • Referenceable experience with Legacy FDM to FDMEE upgrade projects
  • A solution architect with deep FDM Classic and FDMEE expertise
  • A documented audit and migration process
  • A consulting partner team with proficiency using the FDM Migration Utility

You and your consulting organization will collaborate to determine the most effective method for upgrading your FDM Classic applications. The Utility can deliver a tremendous advantage when upgrading a large volume of FDM artifacts. A complete rebuild also has its advantageous. Depending on your Classic apps, a rebuild can be the faster, more direct way to FDMEE. If you do use the Utility, don’t overlook the opportunity to perform some spring cleaning. Also, we suggest introducing some simple enhancements to get your FDM end users more excited about making the leap to FDMEE.

Blog Series: Choose the Best Way to Migrate FDM Classic to FDMEE

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