FDMEE Patches and the New HFM

Over the past month, Oracle has released a couple of key patch set exceptions (PSEs) for FDMEE, PSE 21444040 and PSE 21819491.







What are Patches?

A patch is a small collection of files copied over an existing software installation. There are 4 types of patches – Patch Set Exception (PSE), Patch Bundle, Critical Patch Update (CPU), and Patch Set Update (PSU). Oracle provides infrastructure resources with the “OPatch Utility for applying interim patches.  For more information about how patch types differ and how they are applied, see Fusion Middleware Patching Guide.

The attached screenshot below shows a breakdown of the defects fixed in FDMEE PSEs 21444040 and 21819491.

FDMEE PSEs 21444040 and 21819491

FDMEE PSEs 21444040 and 21819491









Right away, you can see that 9 out of the 10 fixed defects address issues with HFM.  No surprise there.  HFM Release was re-written from the ground up to achieve independence from the Microsoft platform.  (For details on the new HFM, see Henri Vilminko’s post, Say Hello to HFM  So, if you’re using FDMEE with HFM Release you almost certainly want to apply these patches.

Additionally, if you’re in this camp you absolutely want to install two patch set updates to HFM, PSU 100 and PSU 101.  Both patch set updates fix a major number of defects in HFM.

If you’re implementing FDMEE or your company is already live on, please pass along feedback.  The Oracle development team relies heavily on user feedback to improve the tool.

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