Where’s My POV Locking in FDMEE? With Patch Set 520, it’s Here

For many legacy FDM clients, locking the point of view is a vital step in the close process.  By locking the point of view, the FDM administrator can ensure that end users don’t modify data for the specified category and period.


Since the initial release of FDMEE the Oracle Product Development Team for FDMEE has been working hard to incorporate any missing key functionality from FDM Classic.  POV locking has been on the wish list since the dot zero release.  With the patch set update, it’s available.


How to Lock the POV in FDMEE

After installing the .520 PSU in your environment, using POV locking couldn’t be easier.  Here’s how it works.

Step 1)  In FDMEE, go to Setup tab and select Application Settings from the Configure task area.


Step 2)  From the Target Application drop down, select the target application for the category and period you wish to lock.


Step 3)  On the Settings header bar, you will notice two new buttons: Lock POV and Unlock POV.  Click the Lock POV button.


Step 4)  The Lock POV for All Locations dialog box appears. On the dialog box select the category and period you want to lock and click OK.


Step 5)  You will be notified with a message indicated that the POV has been locked.



Attempting to Import Data for a Locked POV

If you attempt to import data for a locked point of view, you receive an error message indicating the POV is locked.


Now, it would have been cool if the .520 release included the POV lock symbol like FDM Classic, but it doesn’t.  I’m assuming this will come in



Unlocking the POV in FDMEE

The steps for unlocking the POV are essentially the same, except you select the Unlock POV button.



Locking / Unlocking Individual Locations: Coming Soon

FDM Classic includes the ability to lock and unlock individual locations for a specified category and period.  Clients often use this as the final step with financial controls.  FDMEE doesn’t include the ability to lock and unlock individual locations – yet.  It’s coming in


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