FDMEE Patch Set Has Landed

FDMEE PSU 520 is Here!

Oracle has released FDMEE Patch Set Update (PSU)  You can download PSU 520 from the My Oracle Support portal.


PSU 520 applies to all supported platforms for FDMEE, including Windows, Oracle Solaris, and Linux.  See the corresponding Read Me file for details on My Oracle Support.


Features and Fixes Galore

PSU 520 fixes a fair number of reported defects – 50 in all.  Patch Set Update also introduces 5 new features for FDMEE.  One feature creates even greater parity between FDM Classic and FDMEE – Point-of-View Locking.

POV Locking

The inclusion of Point-of-View (POV) Locking will be of great interest to customers considering an upgrade from FDM Classic to FDMEE.  As FDM users are aware, locking the POV prevents locations from modifying their data.  For many FDM customers POV locking is an integral part of the close.

I’ll have more info on this feature in a future blog post as I have a couple of clients upgrading from FDM Classic to FDMEE that rely on this feature.

Updated Admin Guide

An updated FDMEE Administrator’s Guide hast been released.  You can find the .520 administrator’s guide on the Oracle EPM Release Documentation Library.


I’ll keep you up to date on findings as I test 520 in our lab environment.

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