Part 3 – Does the Migration Utility Turn Classic to EE with a Push of a Button?

Easy ButtonSo, you’re probably wondering, Will the FDM Migration Utility convert one of our FDM Classic applications into a FDMEE application with a push of a button?   Spoiler alert: No. Not really.

While FDMEE replicates most of the functionality found in Legacy FDM, it is not feature-by-feature rewrite of FDM Classic. Import formats, locations, mappings, and the guided workflow – the most utilized features are there.  However, some equivalent features slightly differ (e.g. batch processing), some objects are altogether new to the FDM world (for example, data load rules), and a few, seldom used FDM Classic features don’t exist in FDMEE (e.g., Financial Controls). Also, FDM Classic was built using Visual Basic for Microsoft Windows.  FDMEE is built on the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform.

Same But Different

Keep in mind, saying FDMEE is the successor to FDM Classic is little like saying your new 2016 BMW 6 Series is the successor to your 1996 Honda Prelude. Sure, both cars are sedans and both can exceed 100 Mph, but there are differences.  Your Prelude has a turn-knob stereo, pop-up headlights, 190 horsepower and has an outdated paper map in the glove compartment. Your 2016 BMW, on the other hand, has a Bluetooth stereo, LED headlights, over 400 horsepower, and an in-dash Navigation system. You get it.  Both cars accomplish the same goal – getting you from point A to point B – but the features aren’t exactly the same. And, let’s face it, you’d rather take out your date in the latest BMW vs. the old-school Prelude with your Hootie & the Blowfish CD.

Given the differences, t’s reasonable to expect that a conversion utility can’t transform every single artifact perfectly with the push of a button.

Now is a good time to check out the FDM Artifacts and their Equivalents table from the FDM Migration Guide.

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