Part 2 – FDM Migration Utility: The Secret Sauce

The FDM Migration Utility is implemented using Oracle Data Integrator (ODI). For those new to FDM Enterprise Edition, if you get under the hood of FDMEE, you will find ODI. ODI is the Extract Transform Load (ETL) engine of FDMEE. See the Oracle Data Integrator homepage for Oracle’s pitch on why ODI is a best-in-class ETL tool.

The Utility consists of two (2) ODI Scenarios.

  • The FDMC_EXTRACT_SETUP Scenario is used to migrate FDM Classic metadata objects, such as import formats and locations.
  • The FDMC_EXTRACT_DATA Scenario is used to migrate historical data from Legacy FDM to FDMEE. (This scenario also creates data load rules.)

FDM Migration Utility: ODI Scenarios
FDMEE comes with its own limited use license to ODI.  So, when setting up the Utility, you can use the instance of ODI installed with FDMEE.  There’s no need to license and download full-blown ODI.

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