Part 1 – FDM Migration Utility: System Requirements

Okay, so this is an easy one to get out of the way. Considering your Legacy FDM application version and setup, are you eligible to use Oracle’s FDM Migration Utility.  Here are the source system requirements for the Utility:

  • FDM Classic Only – Source Version must be 11.1.1.x and 11.1.2.x.
  • FDM Classic with ERPi: Source Version – If you’re using FDM Classic with the Enterprise Resource Planning Integrator (ERPi) module, only 11.1.2.x is supported.  (Note: The Utility will only update ERPi content via an in-place upgrade.)
  • FDMEE: Target Version – FDMEE release or higher.

If you’re FDM Classic application system doesn’t meet the above criteria, or you’re going to FDMEE, re-building your application is your only route to FDMEE.  If you do meet the above criteria, both the rebuild and Migration Utility are viable options for your upgrade.

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